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Outstanding Services

“Siam Car for Rent” is the top most recommended car rental company in Thailand. With its extremely competitive rates and excellent service, we have quickly gained the respect and preference of tourists.

Baby Chairs/Booster Seats

We offer a wide range of rental vehicle add-ons specifically geared to those who travel with babies, toddlers and younger children. Make sure your next vacation runs smoothly and stress free by adding safety seats for your children to your rental booking.

Name for Quality Vehicles

“Siam Car for Rent” caters to the discerning traveller, operating all year round and featuring new cars (such as the Camry, Fortuner, Altis, Vios, and Suzuki Swift.

AT/MT Transmission

We provide only Automatic transmission car. Because it will make you have comfortable time during you drive. And easy for customer who are not often driving the car.

GPS on Every Vehicle!

These can help you to save your time to correct destination, whether traveling for business or pleasure. In most cases, you specify that you would like the GPS option when you reserve the car, whether you book online or over the phone.

24 Hours Support

Our support team such as mechanic, call center, insurance company will stand by to help you. We also provide mobile phone with Thai number for every car with its charger that you can use for an emergency call to our support team.

What Do You Know About Us

Siam Car for Rent Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2001 as a discount brand catering to airport travelers. Actively managed and owned by its founders, the organization has enjoyed robust growth and positive operating income for over ten years. Established on the basis of joining technology-enabled efficiencies with proactive price management, Siam Car for Rent Co.,Ltd. has been successfully growing airport rental market share and positioning itself as a viable alternative to the larger brands in the car rental space.


With 4 major airport locations across the Thailand, Siam Car for Rent Co.,Ltd. offers the consumer the same selection of foreign and domestic vehicles at a significant discount from the larger rental operators in the market. As the 21st century traveler becomes more discerning and cost-conscious, the Siam brand will continue to gain acceptance and a loyal following, founded on the principle of consistently offering value and superior service to the customer.
Siam Car for Rent Co.,Ltd. is a privately-owned and operated C corporation, based in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai of Thailand.

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